When style, comfort, relaxation and fun falls under the same roof, in a beachfront resort that offers mesmerizing view along with heart felt facilities is where Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar resides. Offering close to nature experience through its beach hut, beach volleyball court and the charming swimming pool, you will be amazed with how much fun you’ll have here. What’s more, to bring out the energetic night entertainment, the Lounge and Snooker area are at your service. As food lover, the Kayu Manis restaurant where scrumptious food is hiding will be the best treasure this holiday season!


No matter you wish to stay in or head out, experience the unusual sipping action with our one-of-a-kind in-house lounge. Craving for a more laid back dining experience with your closest bunch, while enjoying the tranquility sense is what you can find in Kayu Manis Restaurant.

Swimming Pool Not Available.
Energizing is an easy action at the beach volleyball yard, truly a perfect spot for fitness warrior. Get in the volleyball craze by heading down to the beach volleyball court of our resort.

Away from the buzzing city life, one secret hideout can be found sitting calming at the sandy beach facing the beauty of the sea, the beach hut that caters for the chilling session of the hotel guests Escape to a whole new quest by taking a trip to the underwater world. A must try island bliss for each beach vacation.
Enjoy some 'we' time with Mother Nature by venturing into its core, while embracing the exquisite yet exotic flora and fauna along the way. Amplify your whole beach expedition with our island-hopping voyage. Undergo a whole new adventure by hopping onto other neighboring island and enjoy the secret they have to offer.  
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