Getting to Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar
Where the sense of serenity meets adrenaline-pumping activities on an island is where Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar resides. Situated just minutes away from some of the most prominent tourists attractions, this 3 star resort that housed 47 holiday resort rooms is one of the most popular resort around Pulau Besar, Mersing. This sanctuary offers a mixture of culture and mingling, creating an unforgettable vacation memories for many. If visitors are travelling by road, our humble resort can be reach within 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur using the North-South Highway by exiting at the Ayer Hitam Toll Plaza. Upon entering the toll plaza, move forward to Kluang before reaching Mersing town. To reach the resort, another 30 minutes boat ride is essential from the Mersing Jetty so be sure to prepare some necessities while embarking on a journey to the core of our resort. After setting off from the Jetty, upon reaching the destination, visitors will be greeted with various excitements from parasailing, to windsurfing, to snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving or even island hopping. As for golf lovers, there is also an 18-hole golf course located near the resort. To find out more about Aseania Beach Resort Pulau Besar do contact and consult our customer service desk.
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Pulau Besar, Mersing, Johor, Malaysia
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